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A dystopian novel to be published by Roundfire books on by , The Cause is the first book in the Minutemen series set in 2022. It was a term used by the Sons of Liberty, a group who formed in 1765 by the Loyal Nine.

"The second American Revolution will be a fire lit from an internal spark."

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"In The Cause, Vincent extrapolates our current social and political milieu into a smart, muscular dystopian thriller set in the not-too-distant future, with prose that cracks like lightning and reads just as fast."
-Robert Barclay, author of Melal

"It's epic, ambitious, powerful and inventive with big themes of liberty, oppression, resistance and revolution. There's a topicality that is very relevant--the corruption of government and bankers, state surveillance, the violation of privacy, the all-pervading manipulation of the Internet, the data entrapped world we live in, the questions of patriotism and just cause, the legitimate means of resistance and rebellion. There's a seriousness that isn't undermined by the ballsy action sequences or the sheer entertainment of fights, skirmishes, hijacks, and the visceral horror of the survivalist scenes at The Abattoir."
-Martin Fletcher, ex editor of Douglas Coupland (author of Generation X)

"You have here a decidedly genuine voice at work. I believed this guy through and through."
-Master Class with Bret Lott (author of Jewel, an Oprah Book Club selection)